Historical information

A chronicle of officials of the G.W.C.C. from 1911.


This honour board has an important place in the history of the Geelong Cycling Club and signifies the high esteem in which the community held cycling in the early part of the 20th century.

Physical description

Rectangular board in a mahogany colour with the top of the board angled to a point. The board has inscriptions in a gold colour.

Inscriptions & markings

“GWCC/President/1911 HJ Prescud/1912-15 H Flowers/1916 J Dorian/1917-20 P Grundell Snr/1921 J Paley/1922 F OLoghlin/1923 V Markham/1924-27 H Flowers/1928-29 C Flynn/1930-1959 JW Dillon/1960-61 R McKay/1962-63 I McPherson/1964-81 W. Stephens/1982-83 K Evans/1984 R. Baulch/1985-86 D Wilson/1987 N Wilson/Secretary/1911 JW Grundell HH Prescud/1912-1915 P Grundell Jnr/1916 J Craven/1917 H Prescud/1918-1925 J Sharp/1926 JW Dillon/1927 GA Wells/1928-29 C Winter/1930 BR Kelly/ 1931-32 R Ware/1933 S Cunningham/1934 D McGrath/1935-36 F Hamblett/1937 l Flowers T Craven/1938-81 L Flowers/1982-83 F Hamers/1984 R Baker/Life Members/ P Grundell Snr D/H Flowers D/G Hotchin D/J Sharpe/GW Dillon/A Belperraud/F Hamblett/F Condor/L Flowers/F OLoghlin/D McGrath D/ BR Kelly/W Stephens/A Batty/R Penn Jnr/W. Crookshanks/S Cunningham D/R Baulch/D Wilson/P Dent/J Dent/T Underwood/R Baker”