Historical information

A Legacy ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance. One of the annual "Anzac Commemoration Ceremony for Students" events, usually held just prior to ANZAC Day. The ceremony provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain an appreciation of the Anzac spirit, the significance of the Shrine and the meaning of Anzac Day.
01193.1 shows school children with wreaths approaching the Shrine.
01193.2 is a group of school girls with wreaths sitting on the steps.
01193.3 is the procession of school children up the steps to lay their wreaths in the Inner Shrine.
See also 01194 which is a close up of the son of soldier wearing his fathers medals, which was the same date.
Were in an envelope with other photos and programmes from different School Student ceremonies. Labelled S15 in red pen it was part of an old archive numbering system, that showed there has been efforts in the past to collect, order and save items of Legacy's history.


A record of a ceremony for school students at the Shrine.

Physical description

Black and white photo x 3 of an Anzac Commemoration Ceremony for students at the Shrine in 1945.

Inscriptions & markings

Photos are stamped with purple copyright stamp of The Argus with identifying numbers, (U-1570, U-1670, U-1671) in pencil. All photos have 'Anzac Eve 24th April 1945' in pencil.