Historical information

A race along the banks of the Yarra River (?) this trophy was awarded to the female winners from 1978-1987. A golden running figure sits atop a pedestal that rests on a bell located above two pedestals behind a golden laurel wreath. Two eagles, with wings outstretched as if just landing, are either side of the wreath and the inscription 'Rotary Club of Glenferrie - River Run - Female winner - Donated by Bob Bruner' is written on the plinth below them. On the base plinth are inscribed the names of the previous winners: 1978 Lynne Williams 1979 Lynne Williams 1980 Lynne Williams 1981 Dorothy Browne 1982 Dorothy Browne 1983 Michelle Baumgarten 1984 Laura Dess 1985 Mary Edwards 1986 Julie McKie 1987 Julie McKie

Physical description

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Inscriptions & markings

Rotary Club of Glenferrie River Run Female Winner Donated by Bob Bruner