Historical information

This tactile map of Europe was created in 1939, and brailled by the Queensland Braille Map and Model Club. Cut and mounted by G. Vann with geographical inforamtion provided by Miss E Southern. The Queensland Braille Map and Model Club was a volunteer organisation which produced tactile maps from the 1920s to the late 1940s. These were sent as presents to schools, organisations and missions for people who were blind or vision impaired around Australia, New Zealand, Syria, India, Canada, Papua New Guinea and Africa. Due to free postage of Braille obtained by Tilly Aston and her compatriots, the maps were transported gratis within Australia and at a cheap rate overseas. When this map was made, East Prussia, Danzig and the Levant States were all separate countries. Some information about each country (name, area in sq miles and population) is written on a small door on the right hand side, which can be opened to reveal the same information in Braille. At the base is a braille and handwritten note "Information about maps gratis from Miss E Southern "Kingsley" George St, Brisbane. "For lending to the Blind" is written at the base of the wooden frame.

Physical description

1 paper attached to wooden mount with metal labels, on the right hand side a small door with country information on the front and opens to reveal the same in Braille.