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Document, newsletter - The Answer. A Magazine from Melbourne Legacy

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Colour printed newsletter x 7 issues from No 329 to 337 (Dec 2015 to April 2017).
01309.1 Issue 329 Dec 2015, 32 pages
01309.2 Issue 330 Feb 2016 , 32 pages
01309.3 Issue 331 April 2016, 32 pages
01309.4 Issue 332 June 2016, 32 pages
01309.5 Issue 333 Aug 2016, 32 pages
01309.6 Issue 336 Feb 2017, 32 pages
01309.7 Issue 337 April 2017, 28 pages
295 x 210 mm
Object Registration
newsletter, answer
Historical information
This is an example of Melbourne Legacy Club newsletters as they have changed over the years. It has evolved from a 4 page typed newsletter in 1960 to a glossy coloured magazine with excellent photos and around 32 pages of articles and information.
It covers the activities of Melbourne Legacy and the Widows' Clubs. It includes photos of people and events. Information includes a notice from the Chairman of the Widows' Committee, and from the President, dates of meetings, possible day trips and theatre outings, and events. The ladies were welcome to attend monthly meetings, monthly concerts, outings and tours, plus the annual fete and Christmas concert.
Various pages of interest have been added to show different news items. Other pages haven't been scanned.
The first edition of the newsletter was in 1960, previously there had been a quarterly magazine but the distribution was limited, they changed to a 4 page newsletter format to reach more of the widows. The September 1992 edition of the Melbourne Legacy newsletter was the first to be called 'The Answer'. The name comes from the verse that guides the work of Legacy - 'In Flanders Field' and 'The Answer'.
When Made
2015 to 2017
Brings to life the activities provided for the widows and the work of Melbourne Legacy.
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10 Jul 2019 at 2:54PM