Historical information

This is an example of a draft of a logo from Melbourne Legacy promotional material in 1993, which was the 70th anniversary of Legacy. The logo said "Seventy years of constant caring 1923-1993". The logo was presented on a board in a format used by graphic design companies in the 1990s.
The main time of year for fundraising is September when Legacy holds 'Badge Week'. Often there is a celebrity who gives his or her time as 'Personality of the Year'. Examples are Sir Weary Dunlop (1992), Clive James (1993), the Scott family (1994), The Emmanuel brothers (1995), Daryl Somers (1996 and 1997), and Patsy Adam Smith (1994?).
Was in a folder with marketing material from the 1990s to 2009, see items 01240 to 01258. The collection shows the types of marketing materials that were produced and the celebrities that were helping Legacy.


An example of promotional material from the 1990s. Marketing material was produced by graphic designers at a time when design software was a niche program that few people had access to.

Physical description

Monotone logo from the 70th anniversary in navy blue and white.