Historical information

The Young Workers’ Patriotic Guild was formed in Victorian schools in 1916. Each child who raised one pound ‘by personal productive effort’ received a certificate. The money was used for the war effort. The Government Minister, Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, and the Director of Schools, Frank Tate, signed each certificate. Lawson (later Sir Henry) was the Attorney General in the Government of Alexander Peacock between 1915-17. He was to become Premier of Victoria in 1918. This is one of three Young Workers Patriotic Guild certificates in the Kew Collection, two from the First World War and one from the Second World War.


The framed certificate was donated to the Kew Historical Society by past member, Eva Grant. The certificate was awarded to her sister in 1917.

Physical description

Young Workers’ Patriotic Guild commemorative certificate. The certificate was awarded to Marjorie Grant, a pupil of the Brunswick School No.1213.

Inscriptions & markings

Awarded to 'Marjorie Grant" a pupil of "Brunswick" school No. "1213"