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Document, menu card

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Printed and folded menu card, black on white, with the menu printed in purple by a spirit duplicator; two handrawn blue ballpoint caricatures, autographed in blue biro by participants.
Object Registration
comradeship, donovan joynt, hanna
Historical information
The dinner took place on Tuesday 25th November 1958 at The Naval and Military Club; there is no indication of what the occasion might have been. The two caricatures are clearly of the same person and are signed by Pat Hanna, in the same style as the drawings in 01293 and 01290, it is possible that 'Donno' might have been Donovan Joynt though his name isn't in the autographs. (Donovan Joynt was a prominent original Legatee and VC winner in France in 1918, and looks similar to the drawing). It may not have been an official Legacy occasion but simply a gathering of Legatees at the Naval and Military Club.
The artist Pat Hanna was a founding member of Melbourne Legacy. Legacy kept some of his works in the archive.
When Made
As well as demonstrating the conviviality of Legatees, it attests to the food usually offered at dinners in the 1950s. The 'Papa au Rum' listed for dessert might have been a misprint for 'Baba au Rhum' which was popular at the time.
Inscriptions & Markings
14 autographs: F.Meldrum, James G. Gillespie, Frank Doolan, Aaron Beattie, Pat Hanna, J Wallace, R. Mitchell, Brian Armstrong, and the rest illegible. In black ink: 'The One & Only DONO' underlined on back page,' DONNO THE ONE & ONLY' inside front cover.
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