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Document, programme - Sir John Monash Commemoration Service

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

01299 Seven sheets of black typing on white paper
01299.1 Folded card and paper insert, black print on white
01299.2 Outside of folded card, pale grey
01299 295 mm x 210 mm. 01299.1 260 mm x 195 mm (card), 255 mm x 95 mm (insert). 01299.2 260 mm x 195 mm
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Historical information
The State Electricity Commission Sub-Branch of the RSL convened a commemoration service for Sir John Monash on Sunday 16 April 1972, which took place at the equestrian statue of Monash at the Shrine. The MC was Legatee D.J. Simonson (President 1970 and great nephew of Sir John), who also laid a wreath on behalf of Melbourne Legacy, and the address was given by Dr. J.A.L. Matheson, Vice Chancellor of Monash University. Matheson spoke of the establishment of the University in 1958 and how appropriate it had been to name it after Monash, comparing the struggle to create a world class university with Monash's struggles on the Western Front.
Appropriately Monash had been chairman of the constructing body of the Shrine. In 1923 he was approached to become the first President of Legacy, a position which he declined as he was heavily involved as the Chairman of the State Electricity Commission. However, he pressed Colonel Harold Cohen, to take his place and Cohen became Legacy's first President.
Legacy still takes part in RSL commemorations, and the links with Monash and the Shrine make this ceremony all the more noteworthy.
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