Historical information

The Tilly Aston Award was presented for 15 years of service. This signboard commemorates recipients of the this award and was displayed at the Kooyong centre until it's refurbishment. The list of names is as follows: 1987 Betty Dainton, 1990 Beryl Smout, 1990 Vi Wilkinson, May Wallace, 1991 Bill Arthur, 1992 Peg Lucas, 1993 Nell Gibbons, Ilma Jewell, Charles Parker, 1994 Margaret Collins, Coral Matheson, 1997 Louise Doddrell, Alma Davey, Janice Cowan, Elaine Coe, Peg O'Dea, 1998 Mary Burgess, Val Doyle, May Edwards, Margaret Ford, Mais Opie, Moira Proustie, Dorothy Shipston, Moira Spencer. (Second board:) 1998 Yvonne Taylor, Vera Watkins, Elaine McMullan, 1999 Gwen Dick, Ron Matheson, Penny Ford, Joyce Oxenbury, 2000 Jean Hocking, Nilma Henson, Eileen Burke, 2001 Lorna Britton, 2002 Joan Feldtman, Elwyn Gayfer, Beryl Alexander.

Physical description

Boards with grey wash and vinyl gold lettering

Inscriptions & markings

Tilly Aston Award
15 years Service
(thereafter follows a list of names that extends across to a second board)