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Image - The Dickinson Honour Board

From the Collection of Vision Australia 454 Glenferrie Road Kooyong Victoria

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royal blind foundation of queensland
Historical information
This board was created to honour the work undertaken to administrate the Foundation by it's board and voluntary members. It is inscribed as follows:
"The Queensland Foundation for Blind People Inc, (formerly the Queensland Placement & Training Centre for the Blind Inc) est. 1956.
The Dickinson Honour Board. Foundation Director - H.C. Dickinson M.B.E.
Presidents: H.W. Thiele, T.M.Bryce, K.W. Hooper MLA, B.T. Turnley OBE, D.M. Cameron MP.
Vice-Presidents: K.W. Hooper MLA, A. Hartshorn AM, K.M. Dickinson AM, T.M. Bryce, S. Cliffe, M. Dickinson AM.
Secretaries: M.M. Bird, J. Maclean, J. Cummins, L. Smith, M. Orr, I. Bauman, W. Hooper, L. Eadie, C. Guthrie, R. Pearl, R. Stevens, D. Donaldson, P. Caulley, J. Mitchell.
Treasurers: G.E. Ross, M.N. Solomon, J. MItchell.
Meritorious Service: C. Alroe, J, Ball, E. Bebb, T. Blackford, C. Boyle, T. Boyle, E. Brown, B. Coleman, S & L Cowen, T. Davidson, D. Drake, V. England, F. Feint, S. Granata. G. Hannam, S. Hanarahan, E. Heap, A. Henderson, D. Henderson, A. Horn, C. Hudson, H. Jahoda, J. Johns, E. Laws, M. Loxton, P. Ludlow, E. Morgan, T. Mulroney, T. McLearie, R. Newitt, N. Noad, D. Pauls, B & E Perry, E. Person, M. Persse, M. Porteous, N. Price, R. Prineas, P. Robinson, S. Russ, K. Scells, E. Searle, N. Shannon, E. Squires, I. Stewart, J. Thomas, E. Turnball, J. Vaughan, M. Wilde, J. Warren, J. Shaw, A. Brown, P. Ruhle, R. Mulholland, N. Crossman, E. Power, A. Power, S. Boucat, K. Fitzgerald, A. Hartshorn, D. Cameron.
Trustees: M.M. Bird, F.R. Taylor, B.T. Tunley OBE, K.W. Stone OBE, S. Jones BEM, H.C. Dickinson MBE, K.E. Scells, R. Stevens
Life Members: M.M. Bird, J. Light, A.J Lobb, A. Hartshorn, M. Dickinson AM, E. Searle, D. Henderson OAM, M. Solomon, D, Cameron
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