Historical information

In 1992 Geoffrey Swan was the president and was about to hand over to John Stevenson. His report shows pictures from many of the activities the widows are involved in such as concerts and gatherings at Legacy House. The report also recaps events through the year such as outings and camps for the junior legatees, handicapped dependents, legacy week and the school students Anzac commemoration service.
Up to the 1980s the annual report would usually contain pages containing the Presidents report and photos of significant events of the year. Between 1987 and 1990 these were published in a separate document called 'Highlights from the Annual Report'. This could be used in promoting Legacy in different ways, without all the financial information normally held in an annual report. In following years it became called 'Report from the President' then 'Highlights from the President', before becoming 'Melbourne Legacy Highlights' which was published twice a year from 2007. It was eventually renamed, 'The Torch, Melbourne Legacy Highlights' in 2012. 'The Torch' is still published twice a year.
Other annual reports in 00027, 01095, 01096 and 01097, 01098, 01310 and 01311.


The President's report was used to capture important events throughout the year and the activities Legacy provided for those in their care.

Physical description

Colour printed president’s report from 1992 x 6 pages, with black and white photos.