Historical information

During World War 2, more than 14,000 Australians fought at Tobruk (Libya), during the historic 242 day siege. These men became famously known as the Rats of Tobruk. After returning to Australia, the Tobruk siege servicemen looking for comradeship, established the Rats of Tobruk Association.


Around 1944, active branches and sub-branches were started in every state. In more recent times, these branches and subbranches have been wound up owing to the declining numbers of surviving veteran members. The only exception has been the Victorian Branch, which has now operated for over 70 years.

Physical description

Large blue cloth banner housed between two timber poles. In the centre of the banner there is a crown above a grey,black and yellow T shape overlaid by a crest with a kangaroo in a yellow circle

Inscriptions & markings

Rats of Tobruk Assoc GV & NE Sub Branch