Historical information

The Jot a Dot Pocket Brailler is a portable, manual Braille writer designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This small, lightweight brailler has six keys for Braille entry. The keys have high contrast colors for identification by users with low vision. Braille is written from the left hand side of the page to the right, with 20 cells of braille per line. The user can read Braille as it is written by turning the unit over. A built-in reading stand keeps the unit stable when resting on hard surfaces. Tactile line and cell indicators show the current location on the page. The line indicator shows which line is being Brailled, and the cell indicator shows the position of the embossing head on the line. By turning the device over, the user can read the Braille as they write it. This Brailler uses standard photocopy paper in A5 and A6 paper sizes. The unit is constructed in one piece, so there are no parts that can be lost.

Physical description

1 rectangular blue Braille unit with 6 bright green keys

Inscriptions & markings

Yellow sticker LN017a on front.
On back Jot a Dot F07077 sponsored by Guide Dogs.