Historical information

Ted Rowe was a delegate of the Amalgamated Engineering Union and was Ballarat Trades Hall President for two years - 1941-1942. He was also an activist in the Communist Party of Australia. The collection includes a memoir from one of Rowe's descendants. Original documents not held. Items are print-outs and photocopies. 1. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), 18/5/1949, Communists Seek Control of Powerful A.E.U. 2. Tribune (NSW), 25/8/48, Party Life 3. Tribune (NSW), 5/10/60, Passing of "Ted" Rowe 4. Tribune (NSW), 12/10/60, FUNERAL ORATION FOR E.J. (TED) ROWE: "Outstanding son of working class, Party" 5. Tribune (NSW), 12/10/1960, TED ROWE'S FUNERAL 6. Tribune (NSW), 19/10/60, Ted Rowe: Last Respects 7. Olive, Doug (Communist Party of Australia, Queensland), n.d., "The Queensland Railway Strike" (excerpts) 8. Moloney, Gary (descendent/grandson), "Memories of E.J. Rowe"


Trade union history and of particular significance to Ballarat Trades and Labour Council and the Amalgamated Engineering Union.

Physical description

Copies of press clippings and other documents.