Historical information

standard style of a jacket battle dress from the late 1940s to 1982; it was used for parade dress; this jacket was worn by a warrant officer class 2 of the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.


This jacket has historical significance because it representative of a standard style service battle dress worn by soldiers of the Australian Army Post WW2 until the introduction of the modern polyester cotton uniforms. It is also in excellent condition, which is special considering it's age.

Physical description

Waist length jacket, with two breast pockets either side, collar, olive green, two shoulder patches on both side ones says “Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical engineers” in Bright yellow/gold writing on a in navy blue shoulder patch; a ranking insignia of Warrant Officer class 2 above the cuff of both sleeves

Inscriptions & markings

Label located inside the jacket on the right hand side it says “A.G.C.F. VIC 1977 8405.66.025.6423 Size of chest: Size. 109/112PR. Yarra Falls. Batch 21657. Dry clean only Crease upper half of labels only.