Historical information

This programme details the bands that participated in the 1934 brass band contests at South Street. Called the "Centenary" contest, it was a celebration of the first 100 years of the State of Victoria and attracted bands from across Australia and New Zealand. Special guests were the Duke of Gloucester and the Band of His Majesty's Grenadier Guards who were touring Australia at the time. The contest included all grades of bands and was judged a huge success.


This programme is significant as it signifies a major historical even on the brass band calendar and the visits of eminent people from England. It also displays all the band from around Australia and New Zealand that took part, and the grades that they participated in. This programme shows how a typical brass band contest at South Street would have been run and the sections that were available to competitors.

Physical description

The item is a small programme printed on yellowed paper and covered with a soft card cover. This programme was designed to fit inside pockets.