Historical information

This legging is part of a pair of leggings which presumably would have been worn by a cavalry soldier in the Royal Australian Army to protect the lower legs when riding in armed conflict. This item most likely dates to the World War One era.


As an article of WWI protective clothing for use in armed conflict by a cavalry soldier, this item is of historic value.

Physical description

Brown leather cylindrical shaped legging with two leather straps for fastening. One strap is attached to the lower edge of the interior. This crosses over the lower exterior and passes through a leather loop at the front, which is attached by four metallic nails. The strap then wraps around the gaiter and passes through a second leather loop at the front, which is also attached by four corroded metallic nails. This strap (along with a shorter strap that is sewn and nailed into the top of the legging) pass through two buckles. The upper buckle is made of brass and the lower is made of steel. The straps then tuck under three final leather loops, two of which are bolted to the legging with three corroded nails. There should be a third loop here that is missing. Top corner of legging also carries a small corroded metal hook, presumably to hold layers together firmly.