Historical information

This gas mask dates to 1942 in the Second World War.


This mask is representative of a style of gas mask that was widely distributed during the Second World War, and can be found in other Australian collections.

Physical description

Rubberised face mask with two circular plastic windows with metal rim for sight by wearer. The mask is fitted by six black elastic straps with red and yellow stripes, which are attached via metal buckles at six points at the top, middle and bottom of the face. Straps converge on rubber backed fabric cross-shaped component which is stamped. Over mouth area is a filter comprised of several layers of metal sheeting with holes. At chin, a metal fitting fits into a black rubber concertina tube which fits into the top of a rounded rectangular container with ribbed edges. Both attachment points have what appears to be adhesive fabric tape wrapped around the closure, possibly to make the system air tight.

Inscriptions & markings

On cross-shaped component, "No 410/22-12-42"
Stamped on mask, "O.T.R.C/6/42", "NORMAL"
Filter mask stamped with, "EBRO/1942", "No 4/G.P. 1942"
Canister stamped with "WILLOW/[broad arrow]/ML42(?)3/GS174". On canister base "No4A/WILLOW/1942/257/EVI"