Historical information

A letter that was sent from Legatee PW Powell to Legatee 'Doney' on 21st September 1928. He mentions his purpose is to record some of the early history of Legacy in a minute book of the Club, which unfortunately was missing at the time of writing.
As well as saying it was formed after Stan Savige saw General Gellibrand's Remembrance Club in Hobart. Luncheon meetings were held and the first one L/ Powell attended in September 1923 had about 8 attendees - Stan Savige, Fred Forrest, Frank Selleck, Charlie Watson, Peter Eller, and Ted Pittard. L/ Powell was appointed Hon. secretary and there was discussion about the name of the club. Suggestions included 'Continuance', 'Chevron', 'Espirit de Corps', and 'Apres Le Guerre'.
He says 'at that stage Legacy was not mentioned, the inspiration came later in my own offie when seeking a name that would appeal to he imagination. My recommendation to the members was covered in he first luncheon address given to the Club under the title of "Business Leadership" .'
Selection of the first president included inviting General Monash and General Tivey, who both declined. Colonel Harold Cohen accepted.
'The first literature issued by the Club included: List of office bearers (deleting decorations and rank) / Constitution and By laws / Classification / Brief History (which was torn up before issue as it was felt that Legacou should be impersonal and that the principal should stand before the individual).'
The notation H3 in red pen shows that it was part of the archive project that was trying to capture the history of Legacy.


This is one of the first documents that documents the origins of Legacy.

Physical description

White A4 photocopy of a letter on L/ Powell's letterhead about the early history of Legacy written in 1928.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten H3 in red pen. Signed 'PW Powell' in black fountain point pen.