Historical information

A brochure printed to capture an address given to the Legacy Club, Melbourne by Dr C H Fitts in 1942. The content appears to be about the term 'legacy'. The fact it was printed means it must have been significant to the Legatees.
The notation H28 in red pen shows that it was part of the archive project that was trying to capture the history of Legacy.


A record of the speech given to Legatees in 1942 and was significant enough to be printed. Speakers at Legacy luncheons were from very different walks of life and the subjects spoken on were many and varied.

Physical description

White paper brochure with black type, folded into a 8 page booklet of an address by Dr Fitts.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten H28 in red pen, and 'From K J Doolan, 55 Ardie Rd East Malvern' in blue fountain pen.