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Document - In the Beginning (H31)

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

White foolscap paper with black type x 2 pages, a summary of Legacy's history written in 1973.
Object Registration
history, golden jubilee
Historical information
A document written in 1973 with a summary of the first few years of Legacy. It relates the story of Legatee Stan Savige being inspired by Major General Sir Gellibrand to start a club in Melbourne with the broad objective to help the further the interests of ex-servicemen (by business reciprocity). Stan Savige had 'within a few weeks had gathered a small band of ex-servicemen, mostly from his old Brigade, and on 25th September 1923 a Club of about 50 members was established in Melbourne. It was given the name of 'Legacy' and its members in due course came to be known as 'Legatees'. '
Two years later the focus changed to the families of departed comrades. In September 1925 'a quiet and experienced Legatee pointed to the Families, now two years older, of their comrades who had not come home, the name and destiny of Legacy, hitherto not fully grasped and with its inner significance of Challenge, Trust and Responsibility, flashed for the first time into full and clear focus and Legacy had, in that realisation, found both its goal and its Soul.'
The document is not signed but a file reference on the bottom is 'JHBA:WF 16.1.73" and the note from the Public Relations Committee indicates the author as being Legatee JHB Amstrong (Brian). The note from the Public Relations Committee mentions 'Fifty Years On' and 'In the beginning', both written by Legatee Armstrong were a fine contribution to the Annual Report in 1973, and were being sent to the printers. (Fifty Years On is at 01506).
The notation H31 in red pen shows that it was part of the archive project that was trying to capture the history of Legacy.
When Made
A summary of the beginnings of Legacy written in its 50 anniversary year by Legatee Brian Armstrong.
Inscriptions & Markings
Handwritten H31 in red pen. It is dated 16 January 1973 (the 50th Anniversary of Legacy).
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16 May 2020 at 4:35PM