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Document, newspaper article - Violin tells the story of Changi 'The Sun' 1/6/82 (H35)

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

White A4 photocopy of an article about the Changi violin published in the Sun in 1982 and a copy of a two page letter.
Object Registration
history, changi violin
Historical information
An article in the Sun about the donation of the Changi violin to Legacy in 1982. It mentions that the violin was thrown over the fence at Changi prison and Mr Roy Arnel played it for the 3 and half years he was in Changi. When the war ended he went around the camp getting concert party members and friends to sign it. He died in January 1982 and his wife Netta contacted Legacy who had it restored by Roger Lewis. He said many of the parts were not original but had been made for it in prison.
The notation H35 in red pen shows that it was part of the archive project that was trying to capture the history of Legacy.
The text of the letter to President E J Larkin says:
Dear Ed, I attach a press cutting which is self explanatory except that the violin has been given to me on behalf of Legacy by one of may widows - Mrs Arnel.
I have discussed with 'Kim' Kemsley and others what we should do with this interesting relic. Kem has endorsed my fear that if it is sent to Canberra no-one will ever see it. The prospective War Museum in Victoria will not be ready for some years and could not handle it.
I suggest that is be displayed 'pro?' at Legacy House until it could be passed to the Victorian War Museum. Both Mrs Arnel and Kem agree with this suggestion. I should be glad to make a display cabinet if Legacy agrees to the above suggestion.
I shall be glad if you will return the cutting to me in due course. Yours sincerely Roger Westerback (?) 581.
When Made
A record of the donation of the Changi violin to Legacy in 1982.
Inscriptions & Markings
Handwritten H35 in red pen.
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