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Object - Donation tin - rectangular RVIB tin

From the Collection of Vision Australia 454 Glenferrie Road Kooyong Victoria

2 x metal coin collection tins with printed sides
Object Registration
RVB 2005.743f
royal victorian institute for the blind
Historical information
Coin collections have a long and varied history. Coins were often collected in churches in a box located near the entrance/exit, and later via a collection plate that was passed amongst the congregation Funds were used to repair the church or feed the poorest of the parish. The donation of coins is and was considered part of religious life and mentioned in Christian, Jewish and Islamic texts. With the need and expansion of charitable works occurring outside religious life, charity boxes began to spread into hospitals, orphanages and asylums.
The need for non-fixed boxes grew with the rise in charities and their activities outside a fixed building. Collection boxes could be large (and therefore hard to move) or could be held by individuals acting as collection agents, working at a specific location, moving between dwellings or at events.
These boxes were designed to be reused, with a pop out section in the base.
When Made
Inscriptions & Markings
Front: The Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind St Kilda Road
The only Institute in Victoria for teaching blind adults trades & professions educating & maintaining blind children & babies
(Lighthouse with words radiating out from light)
Modern cottage homes
Pensions - after care & sick fund
Prevention of blindness lectures, etc.
Free wireless radio for needy cases
Boat shed & club house
Professions & trades
Blind babies nursery
Wireless sets Social club
Happiness for the blind every day & night
Musical education
Higher education
Domestic science classes for blind women & girls
A free education
Maintenance of blind children

The Lighthouse!
As a thanksgiving for sight
Please place a coin in this box and help to keep the Beacon Light flashing for the Institute's Blind Adults, Babies and Children

Side: (Picture of two girls playing with dolls house)
Our blind babies and pupils will probably spend 70 years in our Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind St Kilda Road
As a thanksgiving for sight please help make their years very happy ones by placing a coin in this box!

Reverse front: (Drawing of a man holding his hand to his eyes as a blast occurs in front of him, pushing small objects towards his body.)
It might hit You or Me!
Please! Will You?
As a thanksgiving for the sight you and your dear ones possess, please place a coin in this box to assist the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, St Kilda Road, and its Blind Adults, Children and Babies!

Reverse side: (picture of workshop at RVIB)
One of our many spacious workshops provided by public subscription!
The Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind is faced with the problem of employing and otherwise assisting its blind workers. It gives them charitable allowances in addition to their earnings, amounting to approximately 15,000 (pounds) every year, to enable them to support their wives and families! No profits can therefore be made! This 15,000 (pounds) is distributed because the great handicap of blindness prevents blind persons from earning as much as their more fortunate sighted fellows.
Please! Ask Storekeepers for our Baskets, Mats, Brooms, etc. And as a thanksgiving for Your Sight place a coin in this box for our blind adults, children and babies!

Embossed on the top of the box is Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind
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