Historical information

This is an East German cap which presumably would have been worn by a German airman. It is a fairly recently made piece, dating to the 1980’s or 90’s.


This cap has historic significance as a piece of East German airforce uniform. Itnis a fairly recently made piece, dating to approximately the 1980’s-90’s. It is also in excellent condition.

Physical description

A grey fabric peaked cap with fine blue trims and a black plastic head cover. There is a silver fabric rope looped around a silver metallic stud on either side if the cap. Attached to the front/centre of the cap is a metallic ornament depicting the east German logo in red and silver, surrounded by a silver wreath and wings. Above this is a silver metallic ornament depicting a propeller surrounded by two curved pieces of foliage. There is a faux leather strap on the interior and a square of lighter grey fabric stitched into the underside of the cap. This contains inscriptions. There is also a round yellow sticker on the interior side of the plastic head cover. This also contains an inscription.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscriptions on the grey square of fabric on cap interior:

Inscriptions on yellow sticker on cap interior: