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From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Black and white photo x 3 of a HDC camp, a label and an article in the newsletter.
180 x 125 mm
Object Registration
junior legatee outing, somers camp
Historical information
Photos from a camp at Somers for handicapped dependents in January 1992. These photos show different camp activities, including arts and craft, eating meals, cleaning up in the kitchen and outside activities. Some appeared in the newsletter in March 1992. The article mentions that the annual camps run for two weeks at Somers Camp. It is a wonderful gathering of Junior Legatees, Legatees, and dedicated helpers. 50 Legatees attended this camp with the personal attention almost one-to-one. With ages ranging from 22 to into the 60s, Legacy has to ensure it caters for the differing needs. Legatees headed by Camp Chief, Jim Hammon and Chairman of the Handicapped Dependents Committee, Merv Tickell, were supported by two Camp Co-Ordinators and 50 helpers known as 'leaders'. Many of the leaders are people in the workforce wishing to give something back to the community.
Junior Legatees are organised into groups. They participate in horse-riding, swimming, golfing, strawberry picking, and many other activities.
Every month Legacy's handicapped dependents are invited to go on outing for take part in recreational and educational activities. These programmes aim to develop independence and thus lessen the need for reliance on others for simple routine functions.
Other photos from the camp are at 01560, 01561, and 01562.
Photos were in a scrapbook of photos spanning 1983 to 1991.
When Made
A record of the type of activities Legacy provided for the handicapped dependents of the Legacy families.
Inscriptions & Markings
Handwritten in blue pen 'HDC Camp -Somers / Jan 1992 / Camp Chief: L/ J Hammon / Co-ordinator Julien Hardy-Smith / Photo Eric Wadsworth / 51 J/Ls'
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