Historical information

Tolls were used on the Great Ocean Road from 192 until 19. . Toll gates were at Eastern View and Lorne. Money collected was used to help pay for the construction and maintenance of the road.


The Great Ocean Road was built largely by returned serviceman from the First World . The road was built to link the coastal towns, provide better access, to foster tourism and employ the returned servicemen. Fewer private vehicles travelled the road then, most tourists came on coaches and buses. Tourists stayed in guesthouses and hotels.

Physical description

A laminated rectangular , beige , cardboard Great Ocean Road Passenger Service Annual Pass for 1936. Printing is in red lettering with black ink handwriting

Inscriptions & markings

Great Ocean Road Passenger Service/Annual Pass/For the year ending November 30th 1936 No 2/Issued to K Quicks Sedan Motors/Subject to compliance with Government Trust Regulations/For Passenger Vehicle Registered No 220529/For the Great Ocean Road Trust PTY LTD/ Date of Issued 3/12/35/ signature unclear/ Secretary/ This pass, which is for Driver and Vehicle only, must be carried by/ Driver, and produced to Toll Gate- keeper on demand, otherwise ordinary / Toll Fees are chargeable.