Historical information

Saddle bag used during the First World War. This is presumably a dog saddle bag used to carry machine gun weaponry.


This item is a piece of equipement that presumably was used as a dog saddle bag during the First World War. As a WW1 item which presumably would have been worn by working war dogs, this item has an unique history associated with it. It is a rare item, it has historic significance and good interpretive capacity as an unusual piece of war equipment.

Physical description

Fabric and leather saddle bag rectangular in shape with curved edge for the curve of the animal's neck. Fabric is beige-coloured on interior and a thicker woven layer on the exterior is brown with black and light green stripes; fabric remains on only half of the exterior saddle and holes throughout remaining. Saddle has leather binding along edges. Each side carries five pockets, the outer two on each side are fastened by metal buckle and the middle remaining unfastened. Pockets are lined with same beige-cream woven fabric. Leather strap fastens around the neck of the animal and is secured with a metal buckle which inserts through one of several punched holes.