Historical information

According to the Australian War Memorial, these types of water bottles were used by the Australian Army during the Korean War, Malayan Confrontation and during the early to mid period of the Vietnam War. The metal lids were often replaced with a much quieter rubber lid, as combat experience proved that the metal ones were too loud when opening or closing. This bottle is recorded as being a United States-issued item so may have been collected during the interactions between Australian and American troops in Vietnam. It is also noted as being of Second World War era, which predates the AWM suggestion of Korea.

Physical description

Thin stainless steel water bottle, oval in shape with flat base. Around neck of bottle there is a brown cotton string and khaki woven cord with the press stud at end which would insert into the top of the lid. Bottle has twist-on lid with a hole in the top. Bottle dinted throughout. Canvas carry case is cylindrical in shape with oval-shaped flat base. Pieces topstitched with khaki thread. Back of case is woven khaki with a long pin threaded through the top, bent into inward facing hook shapes at end. Bottle is fastened into case via press studs. There is a subtle pocket in the interior of the case.

Inscriptions & markings

Press studs read "LIFT/THE DOT"