Historical information

This sniper shield may have been used by German troops during the First World War. There are few other examples of sniper shields of this shape or style, so it was possibly not a widely used design.

Physical description

Metal sniper shield constructed of a large flat front with curved edges, onto which a handle-like piece is soldered on one end and bolted on another. This handle has a pin which presumably adjusts the height/angle of the shield in relation to the ground. The third piece of the shield is a stand with a curved end, presumably rests on the ground, and on the other end a series of five holes which adjust the height/angle. The shield itself is roughly square in shape with a rectangular cut out off-centre at the top and a larger rectangular cut out at the base, which forms two pointed ends, possibly for securing into earth like a peg.

Inscriptions & markings

"G-01" is inscribed in ink, a registration number rather than historic inscription.