Historical information

This foot powder tin may have been manufactured for use by troops in Vietnam, if the inscription "P.D. 5/69" might refer to it's manufacture in May 1969.

Physical description

Khaki coloured rectangular tin constructed of a rectangular base with rounded edges, attached to one long rectangular section bent into sides, another rectangular piece with rounded edges forms the top. In top of tin, a screw on lid with seven punched holes allows the contents to be shaken out of the tin. Content residue still visible on lid but appears that the tin is otherwise empty. Inscriptions throughout described below.

Inscriptions & markings

On front of tin "[broad arrow]/FOOT POWDER/2 OZ. NET WEIGHT/ MURPHY, LIEBERT PTY. LTD./SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA." Right side "P.D. 5/67". Back of tin "FORMULA/SALICYLIC ACID 3%/STARCH 10%/TALC 87%"