Historical information

Photos from a reunion of Junior Legatees at Watsonia Barracks in 1991. Photos include Legatee Grattan and Miss Enez Domec-Carre together and with groups of former junior legatees. Also in attendance was Sir Weary Dunlop and Legacy President John Swan (white hair and blue jumper) and his wife. Another photo shows Joan Miller with another lady. Other names unknown.
From an article in the Widows' Newsletter in July 1991 it is a Grand Reunion at Watsonia Army Barracks in May for former Junior Legatees. Over 350 people attended. There were games for children, spit roasts and the renewing of friendships between former Junior Legatees and the Legatees. An article in the Herald Sun on Friday 17 May 1991 promoted the event using a photo of Ron Barassi and L/ Chas Munnerley mentioned the reunion was Sunday 19 May (item 01529). Two more photos are at 01015.
It was with a scrapbook of photos from 1983 to 1991.


A record of a reunion of Junior Legatees in 1991.

Physical description

Colour photo x 15 of a reunion of former Junior Legatees in 1991 and an article in the Answer.