Historical information

Belonged to Mrs Emma Winifred Hornabrook [nee Sargood]. Winnie Sargood was one of the middle children of the large Sargood family, and grew up at Rippon Lea.

Physical description

[Sterling silver] cylindrical lidded transparent glass crystal hair tidy. RL 0791.1: Cylindrical container has a flat circular base. The glass is decorated with cut and faceted design comprised of two diagonal parallel lines forming diamonds in which are octagonal shapes. RL 0791.2: Silver convex lid with a circular hole in the centre. The surface is smooth except for engraved lettering in calligraphic style around central opening.

Inscriptions & markings

Engraved onto top of metal lid: Winnie/ Hair Tidy; hallmarks: ..D/WD in a shield, anchor, lion, D.
•Stamped into metal on outer rim of lid: [Hallmarks] [makers mark]/[anchor]/ [Lion]/I
•Stamped into metal on inner rim of lid: [Hallmarks]/0/C/0/