Historical information

A narrative of Miss Enez Domec-Carre's work with Melbourne Legacy. Appears to be text of a speech made on her retirement which was on 31 December 1970. Enez was the supervisor of the girls classes held at Legacy House for 36 years. She organised many annual demonstrations and was held in high regard by Legacy. The library at Legacy House is named in her honour. See also a newspaper article at 00978 which outlines her achievements, a summary of her career at 00458 and 00129. She was a former Miss Victoria and was known for her physical education skills and for introducing grace and culture to Melbourne. In 1932 she joined Melbourne Legacy as assistant to Mrs Gilles (wife of a Legatee) later became the chief instructor of girls' physical education until she retired aged 65. In the post World War II baby boom the Legacy evening classes were attended by about 400 girls. She helped organise Legacy Widows and Legatee wives to sew the costumes for performances. Among her proudest moments was a display by 1000 Junior Legatees at the MCG during the 1954 visit of Queen Elizabeth II. As well her work for Legacy she ran physical education, ballroom dancing and debutante preparation classes.


Description of the contribution to the work of Melbourne Legacy by Miss Carre with Girls' Classes and in other areas.

Physical description

Off-white photocopy of typed speech by W.V. Scott. 3 pages.

Inscriptions & markings

Top right corner of page one "1970" handwritten in blue pen. "W.V. Scott" handwritten in blue pen following text on page three.