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From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

White note paper x 18 pages handwritten by Norm Smith about the ILC members and a handwritten letter x 3 pages from Graham Billiet about ILC members with addresses.
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Historical information
A letter written by Norm Smith and addressed to Kem Kemsley on 21 July 1975. It outlines recollections compiled by Norm Smith about the Intermediate Legacy Club (ILC) and individual members.
His letter mentions 'Looking back over those years, recalling old time, old faces and places, we as Junior Legatees have a lot to be thankful for and I, for one, have always been exceedingly grateful to you, and those like you in legacy, who helped us so much.'
Graham Billiet's letter dated 23 Mar 1974, mentions taking Frank Doolan to the reunion in 1974. Graham felt the ILC was winding down and was only running on half steam. He gives ILC members' addresses.
Norm Smith's letter includes:
Ted Kennedy, was the first president of the ILC, he was 'tall rangy lad with fiery red hair' who worked for United Distillers Ltd for 40 years (mostly in Brisbane where he joined Brisbane Legacy). Had been a keen junior legatee and taken part in Literary and Debating group and the Dramatic group where he met his future wife, Florence Pittard - which was the first marriage between junior legatees. He had been a naval cadet in the 1928 compulsory training and later joined the CMF where he was closely associated with L/ Stan Savige. He rose to rank of Major in AIF.
Jack and Tom Kennedy, his brothers were in the Lacrosse team and his sister Molly in the JLC for years.
G Billiet, a first nighter, very well known to legatees of the time.
Bill Johnston, a studious type, went to MHS and university, became a Solicitor. Served in the RAAF as a Flight Lieut.
Frank Corrie, prominent Junior Legatee in the Literary and Debating group, a fitter and turner by trade, was on JLC cricket and lacrosse teams, joined the AIF.
Fred Hollingsworth, a motor mechanic, he joined CIG. He joined the AIF and served in the Middle East, and was one of the Rats of Tobruk as a sergeant.
Bert Hollingsworth (brother of Fred) also in AIF and rank of Lieut. Is a past president of ILC.
Bert Wood, a past president, worked for Victorian Railways, moved to Coolangatta.
Dan Fitzgerald, active in the Drama group of JLC, worked as an announcer at the ABC.
Alan Davidson, keen gymnast - particularly wrestling, helped with Alan Beattie (instructor of boys classes).
Roy Davidson (brother of Alan) joined the AIF, afterwards joined M&MTB as a driver, married a Junior Legacy girl. Their younger brother Arthur was also in the lacrosse team.
Roy Gilbert, keen junior legatee took part in Literary and Debating group and the Dramatic group and lacrosse team. Worked for Vacuum Oil Co., a past president of ILC and also married a Junior Legatee, Miss Lil Edmunds. Served in the AIF and was a Lieutenant in the Middle East.
'Jimmy' MacGregor, a colourful and handsome Junior Legatee, born in Collingwood, was one of L/ Stan Savige original contacts. Keen JLC gymnast and member of the football team. Worked at the Ret. Soldiers Woollen Mills in Geelong and was in the Geelong ILC.
Frank 'Happy' Holliday, was in the lacrosse team, foundation member of ILC and past president. Served with the RAAF as an air frame fitter. Worked for L/ Con Fahle in the printing workshop for 40 years.
Howard Auterey, joined the RAAF during the war and returned work for the State Saving bank before retiring in Warrnambool.
Norman Smith, was working as an apprentice with M&MTB, took interest in Literary and Debating group and was in the lacrosse team. Was ILC president in 1946. Enliseted in the RAAF as airframe fitter. Retired from M&MTB after serving 50 years, married for 40 years to a daughter of an original Anzac who has also been an active member of the Ladies ILC for many years.
Background: The ILC was formed in 1929. The idea of the club sprang from those boys who had outgrown the Junior Legacy Club. In the early days it fielded a lacrosse team and it was this that mainly held the members together (formed under guidance of L/ Jimmy Downing). Enthusiasm wained after a few years as it lacked a solid objective. The answer came from one of its members and in 1938 they founded the Don Esses Club. This was a club for the children of incapacitated ex-servicemen which met every Thursday night at 7.30 run by the ILC members. The name came from the signallers' code Disabled Servicemen's Sons.
During the second world war 80% of the members of the ILC enlisted in the services. Leaving only 8 members that could not join due to ill health or reserved occupations. They continued the Don Esses and whatever aid they could to Legacy. ILC members had always helped Legacy where possible including being camp leaders or camp staff, with the annual demonstrations, and coffee stalls at the ANZAC dawn service.
Post second world war some ILC members were nominated into Legacy, others drifted away in civil occupations. It was found difficult to recruit new blood into the ILC and eventually membership waned when the boys from the Don Esses clubs found other youth activities to join. The ILC ceased to meet regularly in the mid fifties. However a strong comradeship still existed between members and they would meet in one anothers homes. Members were always ready to help the senior Legacy Club in any way in their power and still helped at Christmas parties and summer camps.
ILC was a service rendering organisation and was self governing. Non-sectarian and non-political, the members were ex-junior legatees over 18 years of age. After serving in World War 2 members were eligible to become members of Legacy.
Was in a folder of material collated about the ILC by an early archive committee.
When Made
A record of a Junior Legatee recording what he knew about ILC members and their life outside of Legacy in response to a request from L/ Kem Kemsley. It could have been part of the early archive committee working to capture Legacy history.
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