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Ararat is a city in south-west Victoria, Australia, about 198 kilometres west of Melbourne, on the Western Highway on the eastern slopes of the Ararat Hills and Cemetery Creek valley between Victoria's Western District and the Wimmera. It is named after Mount Ararat 10 kilometres south-west of the town.

A police station opened in Ararat in 1859, though there was a police presence in the area formerly known as Cathcart, Canton Lead and later Mount Ararat. In 1861 staff consisted of 1 Superintendent, 2 Mounted Constables, 1 Sergeant 2nd class, 1 Senior Constable, 8 Constables. The police reserve was on land bounded by Ligar Street, Barkley Street, Ingor Street and High Street. In 1930 the police station was described as a six-room brick dwelling with a slate roof, situated on one quarter acre of land. There was also a bathroom, wash-house, pantry, office, muster room and quarters for a single constable, stables with three stalls, and a lock-up consisting of two six-person cells. Later residences were located at 3 Ligar Street (brick veneer with a tile roof); 32A High Street (brick veneer with tile roof); and 3 Tobin Street (wood with an iron roof). A new, purpose built police station was opened in October 2010 at 77 Barkly Street.

The Ararat Police District was reformed into the Wimmera Police District in 1870. Ararat Police Station became part of "R" (Glenelg) District in January 1948 and "M" (Highlands/Wimmera) District from March 1990.

A list of police stationed at Ararat from 1903 - 1930 is available from the Victoria Police Museum

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