Historical information

[see inscriptions]

Physical description

Black and white mounted photograph. Approximately 160 men (171 according to inscription on the back) sitting on large tables at a formal dinner event; all weatinh suits and posing for photograph. Photo was taken in a large rooom with a stage, Malvern Town Hall accoring to inscriptions on the back - tables occupy centre and front of photograph - but in the background: [left] Australia flag, WWII poster; [center] stage with painted landscape and piano; [right] WWII poster and Britain flag. [information of event on newspaper cutting stuck on the back - as described on Inscriptions]

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten: 171 PRESENT // FEB 1945 // (?) OFF SUPT KNOTT // INSPT SAMBLEBE // CONST GRAMBEU /// MALVERN TOWN HALL Newspaper cutting glued to frame: Supt. J. R. H. Knott, has rettired from the Police Force after 38 and half years' service, was farewelled by citizens and police officials at Malvern Town Hall on Tuesday night, The mayor of Malvern (Cr. J. Johnson) presided and presented SUpt. Knott with a chair and a wallet of notes. Similar presentations were made to Inspector C.H.D. Samblebe and First Constable O. Grambau, who have also retired. Supt. A.D. McKinnon of Ballarat will succeed Supt. Knott // handwritten: SUN 1/2/45