Physical description

Black and white photograph mounted on grey frame. 24 men posing for photograph in 4row structure - on the background, arena style sitting area. On extreme left and right, 2 Police officers stand on their uniforms. On the middle and sitting, middle age man in suit. The other, are younger men (police officers?) in sporting outfits. [information of event on newspaper cutting stuck on the back - as described on Inscriptions]

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in the front of the frame, bellow photograph: back row W.Parker. J.Power. B.Barker. A.Condie A. // P.V.Callahan (see)E.Brewis T.Robertson. E.White V.Burns R.Farrell S.Cannon // W.Brady J.Purdon R.Boyle E.Denham.Pres. W.Hudd. R.Priestley. J.Brody // W.Poulter F. F.Elliott J.Thompson // Premiers V.P.F.A. 1934 Stamp: H.M. WALKER // PHOTOGRAPHER // 117 COLLINS ST. // MELBOURNE