Physical description

Black and white photograph mounted on grey frame. 25 mid age police officers in formal setting posing for photograph in 3 row structure [all seem to be influential personalities of Victoria Police - see Inscriptions bellow].
They are all in full 1950s Police uniform, apart from two men on the extremes of front row, who wear suits. They stand in terrace of what seems to be a large and wealthy building on the back, large windows and collums on varandah.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed above photograph:
<< Course No.1 -- November, 1958 - June 1959 >>

Printed bellow photograph:
Left to Right, Back Row: Stn. Officer Mooney, Sgt. Sheather, Det-Sgt. Carter, Sgt. Poulter, Sgt. Mooring, Sgt. Pearson, Sgt. Comrie, Sgt. Sharkey, Det.Sgt. McKnight.
Centre Row: Sgt. Scotney, Insp. Hynes, Sgt. Long, Sgt. Payne, Insp. Houghton, Sgt. Peach, Sgt. Moore, Sgt. Heath, Sgt. Rose.
Front Row (Directing Staff): Mr. C. H. Smith, Det-Sgt. Warne, Insp. Quill, Insp. DeLany, Insp. Milner, Det-Sgt. Braybrook, Mr. R. Crowling.