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Photograph (Victoria Police Group Photo) - Police Officers group photo

From the Collection of Victoria Police Museum Mezzanine Level World Trade Centre Siddeley Street Docklands Victoria

Black and white photograph mounted on grey frame. 17men pose for photograph in forma suits in 3 row structure (front ones hold hats on their laps). *Most of them wear Freemansonry waistcoast chain.
Photograph was taken during King George time - VPRG

They stand in terrace of open brick building (on the back), with large windows and some plants.
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victoria police museum, police officers, police academy, police force, freemasonry, masons, free masons
When Made
Inscriptions & Markings
Printed above photograph:
<< Course No.1 -- November, 1958 - June 1959 >>

Printed bellow photograph:
Left to Right, Back Row: Stn. Officer Mooney, Sgt. Sheather, Det-Sgt. Carter, Sgt. Poulter, Sgt. Mooring, Sgt. Pearson, Sgt. Comrie, Sgt. Sharkey, Det.Sgt. McKnight.
Centre Row: Sgt. Scotney, Insp. Hynes, Sgt. Long, Sgt. Payne, Insp. Houghton, Sgt. Peach, Sgt. Moore, Sgt. Heath, Sgt. Rose.
Front Row (Directing Staff): Mr. C. H. Smith, Det-Sgt. Warne, Insp. Quill, Insp. DeLany, Insp. Milner, Det-Sgt. Braybrook, Mr. R. Crowling.
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