Historical information

This flyer was modelled upon the "Monster Meeting" notice that was held at the time of the Eureka Stockade.

The Save TAFE flyer was produced to advertise a meeting regarding Victorian State government cuts to the TAFE education system in 2012. The group remains a subcommittee of Ballarat Trades Hall. The initial meeting (monster meeting) was produced to encourage community engagement in the Save TAFE campaign.

The writing on the flyer reads thus:

"No taxation without education!
Education is anathema to conservatism!
For an educated person will not be a slave!
Sunday July 8th
At Two o'clock
Of the Ballarat Community & all who will attend at the
People's Trades Hall
Camp St, Ballaarat
To form a committee of interested and passionate persons to advocate for affordable and equal access to quality education and training.

Down with the attack on Public Education and Training
TAFE Cuts, VET Cuts, VCAL cuts, EMA cuts and attacks on students and teachers.

Authorised by: Jeremy Smith, NTEU UB Branch President and Brett Edgington, BTLC President


The reduction of TAFE courses and change in fee structure had particular impact upon the Ballarat community in terms of training, employment and future services available. There were several successful rallies in the Ballarat CBD, showing a great demonstration of community and union organising. The group played a pivotal role in the demise of the Ballieu/Napthine government.

Physical description

Jpeg copy of flyer.