Historical information

This medal was awarded, posthumously to Pte. Dash. He was born in Burwood(a small town near Sydney). He joined the Army 12/6/1915. Strangely, he did his medical inspection in May. He is listed as being in 1st Battalion from 18 May until 5 August. 6th August he arrived at the Battalion (on the Gallipoli Peninsular). He was wounded 7 August, whilst delivering ammunition, by machine gun with wounds to the neck and shoulder. From there, there was no record of him and was catergorised as Missing in Action". His father received notification with scroll 21/12/21. He received his Victory Medal Jan 18 1923. Pte Dash is interred in the Lone Pine cemetery, in Turkey. He was originally interred in Brown's Dip cemetery, but this site was deemed unsuitable for cemetery due to the changing landscape due to flood waters. Pte Dash was discovered in Lemnos, convalesencing after being hospitalised, 1st October 1915. However the board of inquiry made no mention of his sighting in Lemnos. He was interred in Gallipoli, so the sighting in Lemnos appears to be a mistake.

Physical description

British World War 1 Medal issued to Australians
Round 36 mm
Ribbon Royal Blue/Black/White/16 mm orange/White/Black/Royal Blue
The Observse side is a bust of the King (George V). The reverse is a horseman astride his steed.

Inscriptions & markings