Historical information

Associated with the service of Lieutenant H. Dixon, circa 1943.

Worn by people who served on the Home Front in this Corps during the Second World War.


This item is significant because

Physical description

Australian Army khaki woollen service dress jacket with red embroidered circular Unit Colour Patch on the top of each sleeves consistent with markings of Australia's home guard – the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC).

Four button down closure. The jacket is fully lined with a lightweight fabric, either natural or synthetic. A self fabric belt passes around the waist and fastens with a buckle at the front.

Button down epaulettes with two pips denoting lieutenant ranking. 'Rising Sun' collar badges on each lapel. Pleated breast pockets with triple pointed flaps with exposed buttons. A pair of pockets over each hip with straight flaps each fastened with one visiable button. Pockets over hips have one

Four front pockets are fastened with one visible buttton. These 8 buttons are domed metal showing a raised emblem of Australia surmounted by the King's Crown: also see Tudor Crown or Imperial Crown. The back of these buttons have a loop shank, secured with cotton. Surrounding is a stamp K. C. LUKE PTY LTD. MELB. There is a small pocket on the inside of the jacket corresponding to the right breast pocket.

Inscriptions & markings

Small, white, rectangular manufactures tag stiched with khaki coloured cotton within the small pocket on the inside of the jacket corresponding to the right breast pocket. Approximately H 24mm x W 44m

Typed in red ink on the bottom section of the manufacturers tag.
Lt. H. Dixon
W. 7290. 10/12/43.