Historical information

Hugh Jeffrey attended the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University, graduating in 1940. This examination pin was given to him in September 1934. It is a copper badge with its frame shaped like a shield. Inset into the shield is an Australian coat-of-arms granted by King George V, with a white and blue torse supported by a kangaroo and emu on a grassy field. It features the Commonwealth Star on top, and the motto "Advance Australia" underneath. It is engraved with "Hugh Jeffrey" acoss the top, with "University Exam" on the left of the outlying shield, and "Sept. 1934" on the right. It features a loop on the top with a short fine chain and safety pin.

Physical description

Shield with Australian coat of arms and engraved writing

Inscriptions & markings

Advance Australia
Hugh Jeffrey
University Exam
Sept. 1934