Historical information

When the Victorian Blind Cricket Association approached Mr Paterson for assistance in gaining access to a permanent cricket pitch upon which games could be played, it set in chain a series of events that remain in place today. Mr Paterson had been heavily involved in the formation of the Association for the Blind and saw this as a problem to be solved. Raising money through public donation and door knocking, Mr Paterson arranged the purchase of land on the banks of Gardiner's Creek, and adjacent to the tram and train lines. The land was raised, to avoid flooding, and a surface prepared. The sportsground was adjacent to the AAB, however due to the interest of Malvern Council in the land and knowing that the AAB at that time was in financial difficulties, a Trust was set up to handle the management with Mr Paterson, Mr Gould the Malvern Council Town Clerk and George Maxwell as trustees.
A clubhouse was also needed to allow players to take shelter during matches and once again, Mr Paterson came to the rescue. Using their personal funds, Mr and Mrs Paterson loaned the Trust the monies required for the building.
This plaque recognises the dedication and support that Mr Paterson gave to help establish the first blind cricket playing ground in Australia.

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Inscriptions & markings

Erected to the Memory of W.H. Paterson, M.B.E.
Obit. Feb. 19 1957
By his personal efforts and sacrifice these playing fields were obtained and this clubhouse erected
The first for blind cricket in Australia
Erected by the Blind Cricketers of Victoria
October 22nd 1957