Historical information

This anklet dates to 1953 and may be associated with the Korean War (1950-1953).


This anklet web is an example of Australian military uniform dating back to the mid twentieth century.

Physical description

Olive drab woven webbing anklet. The anklet is made of a rectangular strip of fabric which is straight along one edge and curved to fit an ankle along the other side. Outside of anklet: two buckles are stitched on with straps of woven cloth, one placed near the top of the anklet, one near the base. The opposite end of the anklet has two black leather straps which may be attached to buckles when worn. Leather straps are stitched on with black thread. Inside of anklet: lower third has a cotton, olive drab lining. Two leather attachments are stitched in along the edge of anklet to reinforce the curved seam.

Inscriptions & markings

VOG. 4024
Australian military marking of D (arrow) D.
L (arrow) 18