Historical information

Utility Pouch was a rectangular web case that was designed to carry three Bren 30 round magazines, or two Anti-tank Rifle Magazines, or Small Arms Ammunition, or a number of Grenades, or a Water Bottle. They were secured with a flap at the top, hinged at the rear, which was fastened with a brass stud fastener on a short web tab.


The object is representative of utility pouch/pouch for carrying magazine/ammunition and other items of equipment from the mid to late 20th century.
The original design is the 1937 pattern web equipment.

Physical description

Utility Pouch of rectangular web case.
Of rectangular parallelepipped shape made of thick and sturdy fabric (canvas). The colour is of a pale shade of green.
Front view - Rectangular shape with overlapping closing flap with a press-stud fastener to maintain closed.
Left and right views - Both sides are identical. Made of a one piece of fabric forming the base as well ("U" shape)
Back view - Rectangular with metal hooks on the middle part for attachment to a belt. There is a Twigg buckle on the top part of the pouch mounted on another piece of canvass ending in a triangular shape. .
Bottom view - ‘the fabric forming the base is also forming the sides of the pouch.
Top view - closing flap overlapping on 3 sides and forming part of the back of the pouch.
Inside view - There is excess fabric from the back panel that forms an additional layer at the base of the pouch..

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on the back:
On the inside of the closing flap: presence of very faded markings (unreadable)