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To encourage the development of audio books, a series of awards were established by the National Library of Australia in 1988, and sponsored by TDK from 1991 until their demise in 2000. Open to both commercial and non-commercial publishers, it aimed to recognise the quality achievements by individuals and publishing houses and to
promote the inclusion of audio books into the mainstream market. After the conclusion, Vision Australia Foundation decided to continue the awards in-house.

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Vision Australia Library Awards 2001
2001 Braille Book of the Year: The Shark Net by Robert Drewe
2001 Sanderson Young Adult Narrator of the Year: David Tredinnick for Max
2001 Sanderson Young Adult Audio Book of the Year: Whistle Man by Brian Ridden
2001 Adult Narrator of the Year: Deidre Rubenstein and James Wright for The Architect
2001 Adult Audio Book of the Year: Conditions of Faith by Alex Miller