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The duplication of services between state based blindness and low vision agencies was not viable in the long term, with telecommunications and technology improving rapidly in the late 20th century. In 1999, a decision was made to merge the library and alternative production services of the RVIB and RBS, as a precursor to a possible larger merger in the future. Thus the National Information Library Service (NILS) was created. As part of establishing a new culture between staff who had retained their positions, a vision, mission and values statement was created under the new service name.

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National Information Library Service
Mission statement: NILS provides a recognised and specialised gateway through which people who are blind, vision impaired or who have a print disability access dynamic information and recreational reading.
Vision: to enable unhindered access to knowledge, information and recreational reading for people who are blind, vision impaired or who have a print disability.
Key strategic themes: Know our clients current and future needs and expectations. Explore opportunities for collaboration with other agencies, government and enterprises to source, organise and make available materials and resources of an acceptable quality. Optimise digital technology for the production and delivery of materials in an equitable, cost effective and timely way, identify opportunities for innovation by anticipating social and technological trends in the wider community. Enhance our internal capability. Establish and develop a positive and healthy NILS culture.
Values: our values inform our policy, work practices, recruitment and service delivery ethic. Integrity - we are open and honest with all our stakeholders. Excellence - we strive to be superior in all we do. Innovation - we learn continuously in order to lead the way. Responsiveness - we actively listen to all our stakeholders. Equity - we focus on inclusiveness and participation for all our clients and staff.
A joint venture between the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind and the Royal Blind Society of New South Wales.