Historical information

Photos from a Comradeship album showing an outdoor gathering. One photo has youths playing volleyball with Legatees. Some of the buildings appear to be at Somers' Camp. One building has a name 'Myer' above the door. Many people are wearing scarves that are similar to those worn at camps. They were removed from the self adhesive pages of a photo album of Comradeship activities (from 1930 to 1977).


The Comradeship photo album was put together by the Comradeship committee and records events that Legatees did and places they lived or visited. Some appear to be trips to visit other Legatees living overseas and social occasions held in different places. It shows the bond that Legatees have with each other.

Physical description

Colour photo x 7 of a gathering of Legatees and their wives and young people from a Comradeship committee photo album.